Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Pot Ham and Potatoes

Ok, so call me frugal. I can not stand to through out any bones. With the cost of regular food rising and gfcf food already through the roof, I try to use every last bit. This is a ham and potatoes recipe. Enjoy!


1 ham bone

garlic cloves (depends on your taste)

1 onion

12- 15 potatoes

seasoning of your choice ( I use leftover packets from Thai Kitchen noodles)

2 cans of corn

Put the ham bone in a stock pot with the garlic and onion. Fill the pot with water and cover. Simmer overnight or until the ham falls off the bone. Pull out the bones, garlic and onion and discard. Wash the potatoes and cut into chunks. Add to the ham stock and boil until done. Add canned veggies with water if you like. I usually add 2 cans of corn. Get your hand mixer and mash the potatoes. Keep everything together when you mash.. Salt to taste.

If there is too much liquid before you mash then take some out and save for stock. If you forget, put some potatoes in the microwave (of course you poke holes in them first) until they are soft. Cut them up and add them to the potato mixture and keep mashing.

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Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

that looks yummy! :)

where's the recipe for the sinful-looking concoction in the header?? ROFL