Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Twice baked potatoes

These are super easy to make and they freeze really well.  Not to mention that they pop right in to the  microwave to unthaw in less than 2 minutes.  My kind of food!

I happened onto a sale on potatoes a while back where I got 10 lbs for 2.99.  Even with the addition of bacon and mashing the potatoes, I made all 10 lbs for less than $5.  You really have to love that!

Pour all the potatoes into the sink and scrub them clean. After they are all clean, poke holes in them with a knife or fork, your choice.  Lightly salt them (makes the skin crispier).

Wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil then throw in your slow cooker.  Yup, your slow cooker.  Since I had so many, I used my giant roaster. Pile them on top of each other.  They won't mind.

After you forget them for a day, give them a little squeeze to see if they are done.  Turn off the slow cooker and let them cool.  When cool, unwrap all the potatoes. 

This step is crucial to make them sit flat.  Slice potatoes in half then slice a tiny sliver off the bottom.  Not too much.  Just enough to make them sit flat. You will get the hang of it after one or two potatoes.

Next, using a spoon, scoop out the flesh from the halves of the potato.  Not all of it. Hollow out maybe 3/4ths of it. Put all the potato guts into a large bowl.

Mash as you normally would.  I use chicken broth with a little season salt.  I also add bacon to add a little flavor to it.  Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese or Sour Cream is good to mash in to it too.

After mashing it to the consistency of mashed potatoes, scoop it back into the hollowed out potato shells.   They should look like this.

Stuff all your shells then place on a large baking sheet or cutting board and flash freeze separately.  As in , place individually on the plate or cutting board and freeze for an hour or so.  Then you can add them into a large container or Ziploc.  By freezing ahead, you can get out only what you need when you need to.  Enjoy!


cahanbury said...

What a great idea! Thanks. I can't wait to make these.

AdoptionMom said...

This sounds so good!
I have been dairy free for a long time, but found out this past month that I have to be gluten-free also. I've enjoyed looking at your blog and the recipes as I have been feeling down about 'what I can't eat'. Thanks for giving me some ideas as to what I can eat!